Shadow Work is the Secret to Unlocking Your Authentic Self


Ligia Costa

Shadow Work is the Secret to Unlocking Your Authentic Self

The Soulcery Podcast with Ligia Costa, a Path of Soul Remembering Trailer EpisodeThe Soulcery Podcast with Ligia Costa, a Path of Soul Remembering Trailer Episode
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Connect with your inner voice and explore profound questions that will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Uncover your True Self eBook by Ligia CostaUncover your True Self eBook by Ligia Costa

Uncover your True Self

Discover your authentic self and break free from limitations with Ligia Costa's e-book, "Uncover Your True Self."

Welcome to The Soulcery Podcast, a sanctuary where we will share conversations around healing, soul remembering and spirituality.

In this episode, we delved into the world of Shadow Work, exploring the reasons behind our resistance to our own shadows and why embracing them is essential for personal growth and authenticity. Join me in this conversation as we uncover the hidden facets of our personalities and learn how integrating our shadows leads to wholeness and self-discovery.

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Defining the Shadow: What exactly is the shadow? I explain the concept of the shadow, and the key aspects of Shadow Work and I share some methods and practices that can be used to do this type of inner work.

The Role of Self-Compassion: Shadow Work can be challenging, and self-compassion is crucial to navigate this process. I share with you the importance of being kind to yourself and not judging your shadow, and how this helps to integrate your shadow into your identity.

Thank you for joining us on this enlightening journey into the realm of Shadow Work. Remember, your shadow is not something to be feared or hidden; it's an integral part of who you are. By embracing your inner darkness, you open the door to a more authentic and fulfilling life.


The Soul Inquiry for this episode is:

What do I do because I have to? Does it make me feel happy?


Happiness is my birthright


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and join us on a transformational voyage of self-discovery and soul healing. Your spiritual journey begins here.

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