Creativity with Art Journaling

Discover the liberating world of Art Journaling and unleash your creativity without fear of perfection. In this blog post, learn how to start an Art Journal and create a reflection of your emotions and needs. Explore various media, ephemera, and add-ons to bring your journal pages to life. Experience the mindfulness and relaxation that Art Journaling brings as you let your inspiration guide you. With no rules to follow, you'll find happiness, satisfaction, and the realization that Art Journaling is more accessible and fulfilling than you ever imagined. Get ready to embark on a creative journey that will ignite your passion for journaling.

Ligia Costa


Unleash Your Creativity: The Liberating Journey of Art Journaling

Have you ever wanted to start a journal but you don't know where to start?

Many people feel overwhelmed. You see all those beautiful pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, and you go ahead and buy a Journal just to store it on the shelf because you don't want to mess it up.

Yep, I was this person once too.

All those videos and pictures of vintage-styled journals, chunky and beautiful were a dream to me, but I never got around to getting there because I was too afraid to try, too scared to mess it up and resent it. But an Art Journal is really the easiest, most liberating way of Journaling- and no, you don't need to be a pro at painting or drawing to have an Art Journal.

An Art Journal needs to be a reflection of you, of your emotions and needs, in order to bring you happiness and excitement. And there are NO RULES. No perfection is required. You are free to use any media your inspiration guides you that day. You might draw, paint, do collages from different ephemera, cutouts from magazines or leaflets, stamps... the sky is the limit.

In my process, I use a variety of media, ephemera and add-ons depending on my mood and the theme I'm wanting to go for. Sometimes I have an idea in mind but, when involved in the process, the idea shifts. Sometimes I see a pretty paper that I want to include but then it doesn't work with the colour or the other ephemera, so everything changes.

I take my time to play with the elements. I always choose the main feature first ( the theme- it can be a symbol, something that represents a meaningful thing that happened to me recently, a quote, etc).

I hand draw it/ paint it or find an image and choose a place on the page to place it. Then I decide if I need space to write my entry or if I can use a small envelope or pocket to insert it instead. From there, I really don't think much, I just go with the flow. I gather all my stash, take my time going through it, play with it on the pages and just let the flow inspire me.

Using an Art Journal is a mindfulness exercise. You are in the moment, you are enjoying every step, and the relaxation it brings. You are there, present, choosing elements to bring your vision and emotions to life. And the end result will bring you happiness, satisfaction and the feeling that it's not as overwhelming as you first imagined.

This isolation time we are living right now is the most amazing opportunity to try this out. With so many emotions floating in our minds and hearts, putting them down on paper in a creative way, it's a process of releasing those feelings and making sense of them.

Now you have the time to spare to do a journal spread or two a week. Now you have the time to retrospect on yourself, the World around you, your feelings and what's important in your life.

And there is nothing more beautiful and powerful than when we awaken our senses and use them as fuel for something new and meaningful.

Hope this article gives you the inspiration to start your Art Journal. If you would like to see how my process works, check the video below.


Ligia xx