008- Healing the Witch Wound


Ligia Costa

Healing the Witch Wound and Reclaiming the Power of Sisterhood

The Soulcery Podcast with Ligia Costa, a Path of Soul Remembering Trailer EpisodeThe Soulcery Podcast with Ligia Costa, a Path of Soul Remembering Trailer Episode
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Welcome to The Soulcery Podcast, a sanctuary where we will share conversations around healing, soul remembering and spirituality.

In this episode, we delve deep into the Witch Wound, also known as the Sisterhood Wound, exploring its historical origins and its impact on women's relationships today. Join our host as she uncovers the reasons behind the lack of trust among women, the competition, and the feelings of betrayal. But fear not, because this episode isn't just about the problem – it's about finding solutions.

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  1. Understanding the Witch Wound: Unveil the historical context behind the Witch Wound, dating back to the times of witch hunts, and the ways it has persisted in our culture and society.

  2. The Impact of Cultural Beliefs: Delve into how deeply ingrained cultural beliefs have shaped the way women perceive and interact with one another.

  3. Manifestations of the Witch Wound: Explore the various ways the Witch Wound shows up in our daily lives, and in what ways we can start healing this generational wound as individuals.

  4. The Power of Self-Trust: Understand why trusting yourself first and fostering self-love is the fundamental step towards creating supportive, empowering relationships with fellow women.


The Soul Inquiry for this episode is:

Do I regularly allow myself to see the possibilities around me?


I can think and dream in unlimited ways


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