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Numerology Personal Year Reading

Would you like to know next year's trends? What's in store for you this coming year? Are new doors opening up for you?

Thanks to your date of birth, I am able to indicate the outline of the coming year.

Only £11.11

Numerology Personal Year ReadingNumerology Personal Year Reading

Oracle Readings

Oracle card readings offer gentle guidance from your spirit guides- something you need to know in order to follow and fulfil your soul's path at the time of the reading.

1 Question x 3 Card Basic Spread (Past, Present, Future) – NOW £10 (RRP £15)

Oracle Readings by Ligia CostaOracle Readings by Ligia Costa

Journaling to Find Yourself

Journaling is having an intimate relationship with yourself.

This one-and-a-half-hour self-study Journaling Workshop will gift you with what you need to start this powerful relationship with who you truly are so that you can heal your past and get unstuck.

Get 25% OFF, no code needed (RRP: £49)

Journaling Workshop, Masterclass by Ligia CostaJournaling Workshop, Masterclass by Ligia Costa

Uncover your True Self

Would you like to uncover your true authentic self, free yourself from what has been keeping you stuck and live a more souled life?

The first step to returning to your authentic self is to choose how to define yourself in a way that creates a positive direction onto your soul's path and embark on your inner healing.

In order to uncover your authentic self, you must go back to whom you were before playing any roles and strip any identities you were bought into the belief that you should wear... to fit in... to feel loved... to be accepted.

I can guide you through this process in my e-book Uncover your True Self. It contains over 150 Soul searching inquiries that follow a pathway of self-discovery for you to journal and reflect on to help you uncover your true self and align your life with your soul's calling.

Only £4.99

Uncover your True Self by Ligia CostaUncover your True Self by Ligia Costa

Business Goal Planning Course


Everything you must know about

  • setting personal and business goals

  • what are the non-negotiable areas in business that you shouldn't skip planning (no matter if you are a product-based or service-based business)

  • how to plan those non-negotiable areas as well as the business foundational areas

  • how to break goals down into manageable tasks for each of the foundational goals

  • guidance on planning your 2023 Financial targets

Now only £11.11 (RRP: £37)

Business Goal Planning Course by Ligia CostaBusiness Goal Planning Course by Ligia Costa