004- The Power of Inner Soul Work


Ligia Costa

The Power of Inner Soul Work

The Soulcery Podcast with Ligia Costa, a Path of Soul Remembering Trailer EpisodeThe Soulcery Podcast with Ligia Costa, a Path of Soul Remembering Trailer Episode
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Welcome to The Soulcery Podcast, a sanctuary where we will share conversations around healing, soul remembering and spirituality.

In today's episode, we venture into the profound world of inner soul work. We will uncover the power of embracing our shadows, understanding the divine feminine energy, and how this transformative journey can lead us to profound healing and self-discovery.

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  1. Embracing the Cycles Within- 

    • Understanding the cyclical nature of human existence, mirroring the patterns of the outer world.

    • Exploring the yang feminine energy, the winter of our inner world, as a space for divine healing and self-discovery.

    • Recognizing the shadow self, the parts we often reject, and how embracing these shadows leads to profound healing.

  2. The Art of Shadow Work- 

    • Defining shadow work as deep inner work and its intuitive, timely nature.

    • Emphasizing the importance of allowing emotions and exploring numbness to uncover underlying issues.

    • Creating a safe container for this work, allowing resistance to dissolve and opening doors to healing.

  3. The Practice of Surrender and Acceptance- 

  • Surrendering to stillness and being present, allowing the universe to assist in our healing journey.

  • Embracing imperfection and acknowledging mistakes as part of the healing process.

  • Understanding the significance of divine feminine work and the space it creates for valuable lessons.

     4. Trusting the Healing Journey- 

  • Surrendering control and having faith in the healing journey's direction.

  • Trusting oneself, the universe, and spiritual guides in the transformative process.

  • Introducing soul writing (Journaling) as a powerful tool for connecting with our true essence and finding peace within the darkness.


The Soul Inquiry for this episode is:

What does trust look like? Feel like?


I trust the process


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