The Power of Handwriting

Discover the incredible benefits of handwriting and journaling in the digital age. Explore how handwriting activates the brain, enhances memory, and unlocks self-discovery. Learn why writing by hand is a holistic practice that promotes emotional healing, stress reduction, and overall well-being. Reclaim your expression, heal, and grow spiritually through the art of handwriting. Join in on this empowering journey of self-discovery.


Ligia Costa

1/27/20213 min read

As a Journaling Therapy Coach and a self-proclaimed stationery addict, I couldn't let National Handwriting Day pass without highlighting the incredible magic that handwriting can bring into our lives. In this digital age, the act of writing by hand may seem outdated, but its power and benefits surpass those of typing. Handwriting engages more areas of the brain and memory, and the tactile experience of pen and paper enables us to explore our feelings and experiences more deeply. As someone who firmly believes in the transformative power of journaling, I've experienced firsthand the profound impact that handwriting has on self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. In this article, I want to share my personal journey with handwriting and journaling, as well as the scientific evidence supporting the emotional and physical benefits of this holistic practice.

The Journey of Journaling: Unveiling the Self

Journaling is an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. It allows us to become archaeologists, delving into the depths of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Through the act of handwriting, we excavate the data that enables us to understand our past, unravel the reasons behind our beliefs and behaviours, and uncover the most precious artefact of all: our soul. Writing in a journal becomes a transformational process, as the words we choose become vessels that carry healing, love, and peace or fear, victimization, and judgment. Mindful journaling empowers us to examine how we tell our stories to ourselves and others, granting us the power to shape our narrative and foster personal growth.

The Healing Power of Words: Expressive Journaling

Words possess the extraordinary ability to heal and transform our emotional well-being. Journaling by hand in a journal creates a holistic practice that encourages us to be present in the moment, attuned to our bodily sensations and emotions. Countless studies have shown that expressive writing has immense emotional and physical benefits. As we journal, we engage the logical, left side of our brain to articulate our emotions and experiences, freeing up the creative, right side to explore thoughts and perspectives. This process helps us gain new insights and perspectives on situations that may have previously seemed painful or overwhelming.

Through regular journaling, we gradually release the bottled-up emotions we carry within us, leading to increased clarity, understanding, and a sense of relief. Expressive writing reduces the activity of the amygdala, the brain's emotional centre, resulting in reduced stress levels, improved emotional regulation, and enhanced control over our thoughts and feelings. The amygdala's balanced state allows our immune system to function optimally, alleviating symptoms of anxiety and stress, and potentially even improving or curing certain diseases such as asthma, cancer, liver disease, chronic pelvic pain, and diabetes.

Discovering Your Voice: Empowerment through Handwriting

When we pick up a pen and paper to write, we are doing more than simply putting words on a page—we are finding our voice and embarking on a journey of self-expression and healing. Journaling enables us to reclaim our expression, be heard, tap into our personal power, and release what no longer serves us. As we release the blocks and limitations that keep us stuck, we create space for healing to occur. Through this process, we not only grow emotionally but also spiritually, reconnecting with our authentic selves and aligning with our true purpose.

In a world dominated by digital communication, the art of handwriting should not be forgotten. Handwriting, especially when combined with journaling, has the power to transform our lives. It allows us to explore the depths of our being, heal emotional wounds, and ignite personal growth. By embracing the practice of handwriting, we reclaim our voice, find solace in self-expression, and open the door to profound healing and transformation. So, the next time you reach for a pen and paper, remember that you are not simply writing; you are embarking on a sacred journey of self-discovery. Embrace the magic of handwriting and journaling, and witness the incredible power it can bring into your life.

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Love and healing,