Creativity with Decoupage Journaling

Step into the world of decoupage journaling and unlock a whole new level of creativity and self-expression. Discover the art of collage, where layers of cutouts and glue transform your journal pages into a stunning visual masterpiece. Learn how simple materials like napkins, magazine cutouts, and tissue paper can be transformed into captivating designs. Join Ligia as she shares her personal experience with decoupage journaling, showcasing the therapeutic and mindfulness benefits it offers. Dive into the creative process, from selecting the perfect materials to applying layers of glue, and witness how these intricate collages come to life. Uncover the hidden messages that can be found within the art as Ligia shares her spiritual journey and the synchronicities she discovered along the way. Watch the video tutorial to embark on your own decoupage journaling adventure and let your creativity soar.


Ligia Costa

6/25/20203 min read

Have you ever experienced the joy of transforming your journal pages into breathtaking works of art? If not, then decoupage journaling might just be the creative outlet you've been searching for. This unique method of collage art allows you to express your creativity while immersing yourself in a therapeutic and mindful process. In this blog post, I'll guide you through the enchanting world of decoupage journaling, sharing my personal experiences and the profound impact it has had on my spiritual journey. Get ready to discover the art of layering cutouts, the magic of synchronicities, and the power of self-expression.

The Essence of Decoupage

At its core, decoupage is the art of collage—a captivating technique that involves adorning objects or surfaces with glued coloured paper cutouts. The word "decoupage" finds its roots in the French term "découper," which means to cut out. While this method has traditionally been used to decorate wooden boxes, ceramics, and jewellery, it has found a special place in the world of journaling. By combining different layers of cutouts and glue, you can create visually stunning page spreads that give the impression of being part of one cohesive image. The act of decoupage itself can be incredibly therapeutic, allowing you to lose yourself in the process and create something truly unique.

Materials and Techniques

The beauty of decoupage journaling lies in its simplicity and accessibility. While specialized decoupage materials are available in the market, you can also experiment with everyday items found around your home. Stunning results can be achieved using beautiful napkins, magazine cutouts, tissue paper, or even printouts. As for the glue, a standard PVA glue is often sufficient to create the desired outcome. Over time, I have discovered that this method can be applied to various mediums, such as refurbishing furniture and decorating wooden boxes. However, for journaling purposes, ephemera cutouts, tissue paper, napkins, and glue are all you need to embark on your decoupage journey.

Embarking on My Spiritual Journey

My personal experience with decoupage journaling has been intertwined with my deepening spiritual journey. As someone who seeks signs and messages from the universe, recording my dreams and spiritual insights has become an integral part of my self-discovery process. Through decoupage journaling, I have found a unique way to interpret the symbols and synchronicities that appear in my waking life and dreams. Whether it's the repetition of certain numbers, the appearance of specific flowers or animals, or the serendipitous encounters I experience, decoupage journaling helps me piece together the puzzle of my soul's journey.

Finding Meaning in the Pages

Each decoupage journaling session is a voyage of discovery. The act of selecting and arranging the cutouts is akin to assembling the fragments of a cosmic puzzle. As I embarked on one such journey, I stumbled upon a tissue paper featuring the iconic Mona Lisa—an artefact from my trip to Paris years ago. Little did I know that this simple choice would lead me down a path of profound synchronicities and spiritual revelations.

While working on my journal pages, I came across a page cutout from an art magazine that featured a striking oil painting. The colours and shape of the painting resonated with the Mona Lisa tissue paper, creating a seamless connection between the two pages. The universe seemed to be weaving a tapestry of messages, urging me to pay attention to the spirits of time and guiding me towards a path of happiness.

Deciphering the Messages 

Immersed in the creative process, I delved deeper into the meanings behind the pieces that had come together on my journal pages. It was then that I discovered a fascinating fact—Leonardo da Vinci originally named the Mona Lisa as Giocondo Lisa. Giocondo means "happy," and Lisa was the subject of the iconic painting. The artist's intention was to convey a sense of happiness through his masterpiece.

As a spiritual seeker, the significance of these elements became clear to me. The guided inspiration I experienced while engaging in decoupage journaling, from discovering the tissue paper from my Paris trip to the synchronistic sentences found in the art magazine, all coalesced into a powerful message: the spirits of time were indeed guiding me in the right direction towards happiness. The serendipity of these discoveries left me in awe, reinforcing my belief in the interconnectedness of the universe and the profound messages it sends our way.

The Therapeutic and Mindful Journey

Decoupage journaling is more than just a creative process; it is a therapeutic and mindful journey. As I lose myself in the act of selecting, cutting, and glueing, I find a profound sense of relaxation and presence. The rhythmic movements of the scissors, the gentle application of glue, and the deliberate placement of cutouts all contribute to a meditative state. It becomes a form of self-care, allowing me to be fully present in the moment and tap into my intuition and creativity. Engaging in this practice has become an essential part of my weekly routine, as it nourishes my mental well-being and provides clarity and motivation.

Decoupage journaling offers a gateway to self-expression, mindfulness, and spiritual exploration. Through the simple act of collaging cutouts, we can unlock hidden messages, embrace synchronicities, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, I encourage you to give decoupage journaling a try. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic process, allow your creativity to flow, and let the universe guide your hand.

Watch the accompanying video tutorial to witness the transformational power of decoupage journaling. Let your journal pages become a visual testament to your inner journey and a source of inspiration for others.

Love and healing,