The Power of Dream Journaling

Discover the transformative power of journaling as we delve into the realm of dreams and spiritual insights. Uncover the hidden messages sent by your subconscious and gain a deeper understanding of your life path. Join us on this mystical journey as we explore the art of journaling, record spiritual downloads, interpret symbols, and harness the wisdom of Oracle readings. Experience the magic that unfolds when you connect the dots between dreams, signs, and self-discovery. Watch the video to witness the creative process and learn how journaling can enhance your self-care routine and mental well-being. Embark on a soulful adventure and embrace the power of journaling to manifest a more fulfilling life.

Ligia Costa


With all the latest Astro energy around (Mercury retrograde, solstice, solar eclipse and new moon) we are advised to pay attention to our dreams during this time. Important messages are being sent to our subconscious about our waking lives and the best way to make sense of them is to journal about them immediately after waking up - so we don't forget important details such as smells, colours, and feelings.

If you follow my blog for a while, you know that especially this year, I have embarked deeper into my spiritual journey. As I get signs in my daily life and messages through dreams, it's really important for me to record my dreams thoroughly, interpreting all elements that are shown so I have a bigger picture of the message I am getting from my guides. I also frequently do Oracle readings for myself, so I get clearer on what path to take, what to be cautious about, and where to focus my energy in the present moment.

That's where my spiritual journal comes in handy. I record all the important spiritual downloads I get: from numbers or words that keep showing up to me, symbols such as flowers and animals that repeatedly are shown in dreams and waking hours, synchronicities, and also important information that comes out on my Oracle readings and meditations.

This is a really important and crucial process that allows you to make sense of your life path and gives you an important insight into yourself, your soul journey, your work, your relationships, and the transformation you need to embrace at some point in your life.

The way I journal about these varies and depends on my mood. Sometimes I hand draw a symbol and record the meaning. There are times I just brain-dump all the information so I don't forget about it and the pages only have a script on them. Other times I like to do the whole therapeutic process of decorating my journaling pages and go with the flow. In the video below, I started with some printable files I purchased from Etsy and some ephemera from my stash. I was really drawn to a vintage feeling this time, so I picked everything that screamed vintage: brownish/ beige colours and pink- because is my favourite colour, and it's the theme throughout my spiritual journal.

I also used one of the stamps that I have from Mama Makes- a beautiful coffee mug/ coffee stain design, and I used two tones of ink stamp to complement the layout ( coffee and golden).

This process is so very relaxing, and I really thoroughly enjoy being creative in my journal. It is part of my self-care routine during the week.

I do feel more stressed, and more overwhelmed and I do feel it's missing something whenever I don't go through this process at least once a week because it's the time that I get to just be mindful, be in the moment, and be creative. And because of the way I journal about my dreams and about my spiritual journey, this process brings me so much insight, so much hope, and motivation. Whenever I don't do it because, sometimes, life gets in the way, I get busy and I have things to do, I do feel it affects my mental health.

The base inspiration for this journaling entry was to record powerful insights I got from a dream I had the night before. When I finished decorating my pages and wrote about that major message, I felt compelled to do an Oracle reading. I've got my favourite deck out - Angel Therapy Oracle Cards, shuffled the cards, concentrating on my question. I spread all the cards on the table and picked the card I felt drawn to - I was really gobsmacked by the message that came out!

I pulled out my dream journal and read all the information I got from the dream I had the night before. And that's when things got weird because the message I got is exactly the same message I received with this Angel card.

It's all about transitions, and spiritual journey. It's about joining a group or a community of people that share the same values and ideals as me and letting go of the things that no longer serve me.

This is what I wrote in my journal: "You are experiencing shifts because of your spiritual path. You are attracting people and situations that have similar intentions to your own. Know that these experiences and feelings are a normal part of this spiritual path. You are attracting wonderful new relationships, situations, and jobs that mirror your spiritual focus."

That's how the magic happens! When you are able to interpret the signs- doesn't matter how, when, and where they come from- you will start to understand the path you should take to live a more fulfilling life. If you get the signs but don't take action on them, they will keep appearing to you in various different situations until you listen. Because your soul is meant to go on that journey and your guides are here to support you.

Journaling about it really helps to make the message clear so you can start taking appropriate action.

Watch the video below for the full process: