002- What is the Essence of the Soul


Ligia Costa

What is the Essence of the Soul

The Soulcery Podcast with Ligia Costa, a Path of Soul Remembering Trailer EpisodeThe Soulcery Podcast with Ligia Costa, a Path of Soul Remembering Trailer Episode
TRUST Journaling Deck by Ligia CostaTRUST Journaling Deck by Ligia Costa

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Connect with your inner voice and explore profound questions that will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Uncover your True Self eBook by Ligia CostaUncover your True Self eBook by Ligia Costa

Uncover your True Self

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  1. Introduction to the Soul: Explore the concept of the soul and its significance in spirituality and self-development.

  2. Connection to the Universe: Discover how the soul connects us to the vast universe and its energy.

  3. Intuition and Higher Knowing: Learn how the soul serves as the source of our intuition and inner guidance.

  4. Loss of Soul Connection: Explore the idea that trauma and inner wounds can lead to a disconnection from the soul.

  5. Healing and Reconnection: Discuss the possibility of reconnecting with the soul and the importance of self-love and acceptance.

  6. Dark Emotions and Cruel Acts: Understand how a disconnection from the soul can lead to acts of cruelty and numbness.

  7. Harmonizing with the Universe: Learn how reconnecting with the soul allows us to harmonize with the universe's vibration of love and compassion.


The Soul Inquiry for this episode is:

What part of me am I not willingly embracing?


The beauty of the World is reflected in me.


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Welcome to The Soulcery Podcast, a sanctuary where we will share conversations around healing, soul remembering and spirituality.

In this episode, we unravel the timeless essence of the soul, its connection to the universe, and its role in our spiritual growth. Discover the true nature of your being and explore how embracing your soul's essence can lead to profound self-development and inner harmony. Tune in to gain insights, unlock your potential, and embark on a path of spiritual awakening.

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